Camino Paisajistas

A landscape design practice led by Luis González-Camino whose first projects date back to 1975. Ever since, we have worked to create or improve every kind of open space: parks, private and public gardens, thoroughfares, built heritage surroundings, wineries, military compounds, factories, corporate buildings' gardens, malls, urban areas etc. We place our work's emphasis on the best use of the existing values of the site in order to meet the clients' needs, on spatial organization, considering both functional and aesthetical aspects, and on a careful selection of materials, especially of plants. However we don't forget the creative and imaginative aspects of design.

We have worked mainly in Spain but also in the UK, France, Portugal and Switzerland. Luis González-Camino carries out every aspect of the design himself and supervises the site works personally. Nevertheless we count upon a team comprising biologists, architects and engineers for special areas of design, detailing and construction. As gardens are always evolving and never truly “finished”, we like to be involved in their development and are therefore keen on advising our clients on maintenanceissues. Throughout these years, we have acquired a significant knowledge about construction materials and suppliers as well as nurseries in Spain and abroad.

Luis González-Camino has lectured about Landscape Architecture, Garden Design and Natural and Built Heritage Conservation in several Spanish universities and congresses. He has been in charge of the family garden, Cotubín, since he was eighteen years old and currently spends every weekend taking care of it. He is, therefore, a hands-on gardener as well, constantly experimenting with new plants, techniques and designs. He regularly visits important public and private gardens in Europe and occasionally guides garden tours. He speaks fluent English and French.